Tonia Marks Baney  


80” x 34”

“A life size painting for over our fireplace and it needs to fit into the narrow area that was formed by the brick design.” That is what James “Jimmy” Krueger informed me as he hired me to paint one of the most difficult paintings up to that point in my career.

Not only did his wife, Merry Michael, a southern belle living at that time on Maui, want to wear an intricate full length lace dress but all of her jewelry was beautifully designed by her, and difficult to paint.

But I always enjoy a challenge so after much consultation we started preliminary sketches and a final choice of design. Then the fun began!

She came to out house every other week or so over a six month period and I found a new friend with a funny sense of humor and a keen intelligence. Together we managed to produce a very lovely painting to represent a beautiful person.

I went on to paint their lovely daughter Melissa, their three dogs, and Maui roses which was a mix of her Maui roses and what ever else I could find in my yard!

“Working with Tonia was so much fun! We became great friends, and now I have a magnificent painting.” —Merry Michael Krueger, Seattle, Washington


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