Tonia Marks Baney  


48” x 38”
Private Collection

Nora and Mitch Buitch traveled to Maui quite often and it was on one of their trips from California that they heard about my portraits. After looking at the portfolio and some of the paintings in my studio he decided to have his lovely wife painted.

Nora was a hula dancer and had been involved with a halau in California for a number of years so she really considered herself part of our culture and thus a mu’umu’u was her choice of dress.

They also stayed quite often at the Renaissance Hotel on Wailea Beach and wanted the background to reflect the flora of the gorgeous grounds. In spite of the casual dress and background, Nora wanted to wear her everyday watch as she was instrumental in the success of her husband’s business and wanted that important role recognized. They were both delightful people and loved their finished painting.

At the time Nora was painted she had been given only a few more years to live due to a heart condition. She passed away four years later and we have since lost touch with Mitch.


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